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Pharmacies under siege as Oxy addiction spreads

More than 1,800 pharmacy robberies have taken place nationally over the last three years, carried out by robbers who are “brazen and desperate” in their drive to obtain opioid painkillers like Oxy to sell or feed their own addictions, the New York Times reports.

These heists include a machete-wielding robber who gulped down oxycodone before he fled, a man who threatened a pharmacist with a cordless drill, and a holdup that led to a shootout in which a pharmacy worker was killed, the article says.

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Pharmacy robberies increase, painkillers main target

Though the state of California fills an estimated 34 million prescriptions annually, in the U.S. nearly 25 million doses are stolen each year, primarily painkillers such as OxyContin and Vicodin, according to this report from NBC Los Angeles. In reaction to the increase in robberies, some pharmacies across the nation no longer carry OxyContin and other addictive drugs, reports WMBF News.

For a weekly report on Oxy-related crime, check Oxy Crime Watch.

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