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New company offers pill comparison shopping – but at what price?

A former Facebook engineer has founded a new startup company that aims to help consumers find cheaper prescription drugs in their area. Good RX allows users to enter a drug and a location, and then gives the price rundown at both nearby pharmacies as well as national mail order companies. It also alerts users to manufacturer co-pay cards, pharmacy discounts, and state discount programs, and provides other “tips” from a real, live on-staff pharmacist on how to slash drug prices.

GoodRX, which says it has compiled more than one million drug prices for more than 6,000 drugs, notes that it doesn’t sell drugs, and only “offers prices and unbiased coupon and discount information for legitimate, licensed U.S. pharmacies that you already visit regularly.”

GoodRx also hopes to profit from data provided by users of its “My Prescriptions” service, which will target users with specific ads and offers based on information provided about medical conditions and prescriptions.

A search for Opana – a popularly abused opioid painkiller – in San Francisco revealed the addresses and phone numbers of more than two dozen pharmacies within a five-mile radius that stock the drug, compared prices, and even offered discount coupons to be presented to pharmacists.

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