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Purdue seeks to extend exclusivity on Oxy patent

The maker of OxyContin, Purdue Pharma, is fighting in federal court to extend its exclusive rights to the painkiller, which are set to expire in April 2013. The Stamford, Conn.-based company claims generic drug makers shouldn’t be allowed to market their copycat versions of the old version of OxyContin, according to this article. Purdue’s new version of OxyContin, introduced in 2010, was designed to help discourage misuse and abuse of the medication, although addicts have found ways to get their fix from it.

Generic manufacturers facing patent infringement lawsuits by Purdue say they can make their own “tamper-proof” versions of the drug, and that Purdue is trying to protect its share of the OxyContin market, the article says. Sales of OxyContin exceeded $2.8 billion last year.

In 2007, Purdue and three of its top executives were found guilty of misrepresenting the addictive nature of OxyContin and fined $634.5 million. The company also agreed to a $20 million settlement of similar allegations with 27 state attorneys general.

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