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Prescription drug bust in N.Y. nets 100 arrests

Nearly 100 individuals have been arrested in a law enforcement sweep targeting traffickers and health care practitioners accused of illegal prescription drug use in all five of New York’s counties. Prosecutors filed drug trafficking and other federal and state criminal charges against 98 defendants, including two doctors and a nurse practitioner, and have barred a Brooklyn pharmacist from dispensing prescription drugs.

New York has been cracking down on painkiller abuse. In May, the state passed a “Good Samaritan” law aimed at reducing overdose deaths by protecting people who call for medical help for overdose victims from being prosecuted for personal possession of drugs, paraphernalia or underage drinking. The state is now the largest in the nation to adopt such a measure. Washington state, Connecticut and New Mexico have all passed similar laws, and California, Illinois and Nebraska are currently considering them.

Overdose is now the leading cause of accidental death in New York, where almost 22.5 million prescriptions for all types of narcotic painkillers were written in in 2010, according to a recent report issued by the state’s attorney general.

Even though opiate overdoses are on the rise, many people don’t call 911 out of fear of arrest and prosecution, and instead rely on ineffective methods of reviving victims.

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