Especially for Parents

If you are a parent with an opiate-addicted child, you are not alone. Here is your initial 5-step action plan.

  1. Visit the website of Learn To Cope, a support group for parents and family members dealing with a loved one’s addiction to OxyContin, heroin, and other drugs. Visit the forums and realize that many parents out there are facing a situation just like yours. L2C has several support groups that meet in person in the Boston area, but the site can also link you up with parents in other areas of the country. Also visit the website of the National Coalition Against Prescription Drug Abuse, which aims to create awareness of the dangers caused by prescription drug abuse and is a fantastic resource if you’re new to the issue.
  2. Learn what you’re up against. Read this guide from the website that contains the warning signs and symptoms of prescription drug abuse. Search the Partnership at’s database of commonly-abused drugs, or use the pill identification tool at
  3. Find out where you can go to get help by visiting this directory of U.S. substance abuse facilities and programs. Or call the Partnership At’s toll-free helpline for parents at 1-855-DRUGFREE (1-855-378-4373). Also visit the organization’s “What Can You Do?” page here.
  4. Put aside any feelings of shame or embarrassment and talk to a trusted friend. There is no substitute for emotional support. If you aren’t ready to share your thoughts with someone you know, email Oxy Watchdog. We are connected to a wide network of parents just like you, and we can put you in touch with someone who can help you.
  5. Get Narcan. It’s what the paramedics administer when someone has overdosed on opiates, and in many areas you can get trained in how to use it too. It could save your child’s life and give him or her another chance to get clean. Visit and the D.O.P.E. Project for more information on where to get it.

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  1. Steven Sousa says:

    We need to March on DC and get some change – this epidemic is killing this counrty

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