Del. becomes 14th state to pass ‘Good Samaritan’ law

911 dial phone callThe governor of Delaware signed so-called “Good Samaritan” legislation on Tuesday offering protection to anyone seeking medical help in the event of a drug or alcohol overdose, making Delaware the 14th state to pass such a measure. The law gives immunity from prosecution to people reporting an overdose, even if he or she has been involved in drug-related activity.

The bill also grants immunity from prosecution for offenses related to underage drinking.

Lawmakers approved the bill only after exempting higher level drug felonies from its immunity protections, a change that worried some critics who claimed the exemptions weakened the bill and would discourage people from reporting overdoses.

In Delaware, overdose deaths nearly tripled from 50 in 1999 to 137 in 2009, with a majority in recent years involving at least one prescription drug, according to this article.

New Mexico was the first state to pass a Good Samaritan law in 2007, followed by California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Washington, and the District of Columbia. According to, this year, nearly a dozen more states introduced bills: legislation in North Carolina and New Jersey succeeded, while other bills failed due to partisan bickering (Missouri, Mississippi and North Dakota), were killed in committee (New Hampshire and West Virginia), or ran out of time (Hawaii and Texas); Maine still has a live bill, but it isn’t likely to pass this year.

About Erin Marie Daly

I’m a freelance journalist based in San Francisco. My book on prescription drug and heroin addiction was published in August 2014 by Counterpoint Press.
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  1. Elizabeth L Perkins says:

    The Good Samaritan Law SB116 in Delaware Is called “The Kristen L Jackson & John M. Perkins, Jr. Law” in honor of my son who died 5-5-11 at age 30 from a heroin overdose and the daughter of a GRASP/DE members Kathy & Bill Shields who was lost at age 23 on 1-31-12. Two other families, Dave & Gail Humes lost their son 5/12 and Don & Jeanne Keister lost their son Tyler at 24 just 2 days before Christmas 2012. Our four families told our stories to both our Senate and House which yielded unanimous votes to pass our Bill. Our collective hope is to save other parents from our perpetual grief.

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