New company offers pill comparison shopping – but at what price?

A former Facebook engineer has founded a new startup company that aims to help consumers find cheaper prescription drugs in their area. Good RX allows users to enter a drug and a location, and then gives the price rundown at both nearby pharmacies as well as national mail order companies. It also alerts users to manufacturer co-pay cards, pharmacy discounts, and state discount programs, and provides other “tips” from a real, live on-staff pharmacist on how to slash drug prices.

GoodRX, which says it has compiled more than one million drug prices for more than 6,000 drugs, notes that it doesn’t sell drugs, and only “offers prices and unbiased coupon and discount information for legitimate, licensed U.S. pharmacies that you already visit regularly.”

GoodRx also hopes to profit from data provided by users of its “My Prescriptions” service, which will target users with specific ads and offers based on information provided about medical conditions and prescriptions.

A search for Opana – a popularly abused opioid painkiller – in San Francisco revealed the addresses and phone numbers of more than two dozen pharmacies within a five-mile radius that stock the drug, compared prices, and even offered discount coupons to be presented to pharmacists.

While GoodRX might benefit budget-minded consumers with legitimate medication needs, it also seems like a great way to flood the market with an abundance of cheap, powerful painkillers.

What do you think?

About Erin Marie Daly

I’m a freelance journalist based in San Francisco. My book on prescription drug and heroin addiction was published in August 2014 by Counterpoint Press.
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2 Responses to New company offers pill comparison shopping – but at what price?

  1. brian says:

    I appreciate your article with two excepti. The title and the final paragraph. The website does not sell medications. You would still need a prescription to get these dangerous meds. To in anyway suggest that a consumer tool that helps people save on expensive medications, is in anyway causing or promoting drug abuse is both irresponsible and ridiculous. This website helped me save $34 on my antibiotic eye drops. Should I suffer because some fear monger sees a way for abusers to save money as well? When I read your article I pictured dopers everywhere logging onto goodrx and causing some sort of breakdown in the worldwide Web. Simply riduculous. Drug abusers will pay anything for drugs. A website that helps people save money would not ne a good target for blame. If you are looking for someone to blame, blame parents, blame teachers, blame doctors. Or maybe just blame the abuser themselves. Lets stop this nonsense where my rights and liberties are impinged upon because some poor souls cannot control themselves.

    • bennie jones says:

      Well stated and it is so important to realize the losses these families have incurred . I have worked in this field with teens that are taking drugs and I addressed right out to let them know their lying was not fooling me.

      I also gave them resources and strategies to prevent drug seeking like the people they are hanging around, their goals that they forgot, the end result of taking drugs.

      It is going to take more than this one project and it will not stop the drug seekers from doing drugs.

      If the drug abuser is living at home, money they are given needs to be monitored, change in habits, change in friends. becoming almost a zombie.

      I have heard and made the denials, Oh it’s a phase they are going thru.
      I even searched the drawers, back pack, text messages, and his e-mail.

      Even with these avenues, this drug abuser and others I have known find sources to get drugs.

      This is a start but I don’t think this is going to be the answer. We must admit our over achievers, great kids who attend church and family oriented,still will get the drugs.

      I wanted to know the reason and when this is known, just maybe drug abuser will be accountable and know that drugs are not more important than family who love them.

      Drug abusers are seeking something that drugs will not give them and we have to provide alternative avenues for drug abusers to quit and know that we know what they are doing.

      I also have had to deal with the hard experiences of losing family and friends to drug overdose or related issues caused by their addiction.

      It is the most helpless feeling in the world not being to intervene and see a positive
      outcome (corrected word)

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