The Oxy King of Marin County: Profile of a Prolific Dealer

In California, prescription drug addiction is especially rampant among teens and young adults in middle- and upper-class areas like Marin County. In the latest issue of SF Weekly, Oxy Watchdog founder Erin Marie Daly profiles one major OxyContin dealer who is now behind bars but claims he did nothing wrong.

About Erin Marie Daly

I’m a freelance journalist based in San Francisco. My book on prescription drug and heroin addiction was published in August 2014 by Counterpoint Press.
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One Response to The Oxy King of Marin County: Profile of a Prolific Dealer

  1. dagny shaw says:

    Your brother’s story is my son’s story. He started smoking pot when he was 11 or 12 and by the time he got to high school he was doing pills. He was introduced to heroin at his senior prom. It is the same path most of his friends took too.

    The difference is that after his last arrest I made sure he was sentenced to 6 mos. of rehab. The court wanted to send him to one month and then an out patient program. He had already gone that path twice before. We were able to get him into a free faith based rehab program. Detox was awful. He was not allowed to take any medication and cigarettes were not allowed either. He told me he wanted to jump out a window and kill himself… but he made it! He has been clean for over 2 years, is working and going to school. He stayed away from the old friends who were still using and managed to mentor a young boy who is now 19 mos. sober.

    There were so many days that I just knew my beautiful boy was going to die! We kicked him out of the house numerous times and he would keep coming home when he wanted to stop using. This went on for over a year. He was a pathetic sight back then…. thin as a rail and sickly looking. It just about ruined my life and that of his Dad and sister.

    I am so, so sorry that your brother died. I have so many friends who have lost their kids to drugs and I always think that I could have been one of those unlucky parents. how does a Mother survive the untimely death of a child? I pray I will never know.

    Thank you so much for what you are doing. I tell my story out whenever I can. So many parents live in denial! In your book, please list the signs for parents to look for; small holes in the inside waistband of their jeans (for hiding drugs), holes in the pockets of their jeans (for passing “clean urine” out of a squeeze bottle), tiny balls of tin foil, broken ball point pens, dirty looking water bottles, water bottle full of urine (clean pee), small balloons, hollowed out apples (for smoking pot). I can’t think of them all!

    Dagny Shaw

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