Purdue contest draws activist fire

Purdue Pharma, maker of OxyContin, is holding an online photo contest to give people living with chronic pain an opportunity to portray their personal experiences. According to the company’s Partners Against Pain campaign website, “people living with chronic pain and their caregivers know that a successful hands-on approach for pain management requires compassion, communication, and partnership. Help us show the complete picture through a photo that represents your personal experience with pain.” In response, activists against prescription drug abuse are encouraging friends and family members to submit photos of deceased loved ones who have passed away due to OxyContin.

The contact at Purdue is Pamela P. Bennett, executive director of healthcare alliance development, at pamela.bennett@pharma.com.

About Erin Marie Daly

I’m a freelance journalist based in San Francisco. My book on prescription drug and heroin addiction was published in August 2014 by Counterpoint Press.
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