Mass. legislature overturns Big Pharma, doctor bribery law

In Massachusetts, pharmaceutical companies can once again “wine and dine” physicians to influence their prescribing practices. According to this article from Policy and Medicine, a state law was overturned last week which required doctors to report any gifts over $50 from pharmaceutical companies like Purdue Pharma, maker of OxyContin. The reasoning behind throwing out the law had to do with inhibited physician education provided by drug makers. Of course, it may also be tied to the White House’s new plan to further utilize Big Pharma in educating doctors. Conflict of interest, maybe?

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Dana Owens is San Francisco-based writer, editor and blogger who works on diverse projects from holistic health research to record label promotion. In addition to lending her editorial eye to Oxy Watchdog, Dana also acts as copyeditor for 99 Series, Inc. and executive assistant/project coordinator for Heartline Productions.
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