Prescription drug abuse-addled states target pill mills

Last week, Ohio’s governor signed a bill to combat pill mills, which help supply the state with illegal prescription pain medications like OxyContin. Meanwhile, Florida drug enforcement agents closed another prescription drug outlet as part of “Operation Pill Nation,” a long-term investigation by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and local law enforcement. According to this release from the DEA, the effort is part of a “concerted effort to keep South Florida from drowning in pill mills.” In Ohio, the bill comes just in time, as the number of prescriptions are steadily rising among the state’s residents, reports this article from the Columbus Dispatch.

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Dana Owens is San Francisco-based writer, editor and blogger who works on diverse projects from holistic health research to record label promotion. In addition to lending her editorial eye to Oxy Watchdog, Dana also acts as copyeditor for 99 Series, Inc. and executive assistant/project coordinator for Heartline Productions.
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