Fla. drug abuse measures rests on legislative compromise

Long plagued by prescription drug abuse and an endless debate on how best to get a handle on the situation, Florida’s legislature is reviewing a bill today that would make strides toward curbing abuse. In addition to finally legitimizing the state’s prescription drug monitoring program, the bill would prohibit doctors and small pharmacies from distributing addictive pain medication like OxyContin. However, it would also lift a cap on the amount of medication a person could receive. According to this article from the Sun Sentinel, if the bill is not approved by both the House and Senate by the end of the day tomorrow, a drastically scaled-back version could take its place.

Meanwhile, this article from Local12 WKRC reports that a massive “pill pipeline” running from Florida to Ohio has been uncovered. If the bill passes tomorrow, it wouldn’t be a moment too soon.

Read about Florida’s prescription drug abuse problem here.

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