Much-debated Fla. prescription database gets green light

Despite the governor’s best efforts to block the prescription monitoring program for the sate of Florida, the newly-appointed surgeon general has given the database the go-ahead, reports this article from the Florida Times-Union. Earlier this month, Gov. Rick Scott created a prescription drug task force in lieu of the database, despite a $1 million gift from Purdue Pharma to get the database up and running, claiming the monitoring system would be too expensive for the state to maintain.

Read Watchdog’s coverage of Florida’s database troubles here.

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One Response to Much-debated Fla. prescription database gets green light

  1. Karen says:

    It is of no surprise to me that the issue of all illicit drug and prescription drug use in this country has become deadly to many along with being literaly disregarded as many mothers are losing their children.
    Sometimes even unaware of the why? and how come? These parents begin investigations on their own. Finding what seems unbelievable to happen in the Medical Field of the United States Government.
    This has nothing but CORRUPTION written all over it seems that the government of the USA plays a major part of concealing it through the DEA.
    Many believe these high officials, that pretend to be so unaware, are aware of so much more, yet do nothing!!
    Why do these represenatives sit on their hands? Or look as if they can pose together as the 3 monkeys, that hear no evil, speak no evil, and see no evil. All 3 levels of government are condesending, which seems ironic in a matter of deliberate ignorance.
    POSTERBOARD for our young americans to live by, as we the tax paying americans seem to have to sit back and accept?? I say hell NO… Whad DID happen to American’s being entitled to be represented by each state to have not 1 but 2 represenatives that care about their state’s issues?
    Is it truly necessary with statistics as high as they are in this matter, to have to write to our represenatives for them to care enough to take some type of ACTION? Why should we vote for anyone in the United States Government that fails us and disregards our children.
    Our Children who are our most prescious resource, and best hope for our future.
    SHAME on you all……Senators, Represenatives special services of USA government!!!
    I say it is time for a change a way for Mothers and Fathers and all Americans alike who share in the empathy for those that have buried their children before their time. To help find a way for the lost souls of those children that are fighting their way back to help in giving them any and all avenues to finding Hope Love and Understanding. Since, only a very few survive.
    We all can try harder to help those that cannot help themseleves since we have reached epidemic proportions of this magnitude in drug realted deaths. We need new resources from the government. Other Countries have government funded help for addiction.Why can’t we?
    Shame on you USA you are a government that is failing your people!!!!!
    I applaude your investigation in this terrible epidemic that has plagued our streets of our Country for so long…I would like to see you on the steps of Washington begining with the House of Represenatives.
    Giving you the courtesy of any answer. Where do they stand in helping not punishing our children to rectify these situations? Will they look into how other Countries use government funded programs?
    I look forward to see Change begin SOON.

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