Fla. legislature struggles to control prescription abuse, overdose

As Florida’s prescription pill monitoring program is delayed yet again, illegal pill mills and overdoses still plague the state. According to this editorial in TCPalm.com, the database that was suppose to go online Dec. 1 was delayed due to legal disputes, not unlike legislation intended to impose further regulations on pain clinics, which was also delayed last week. Reasons for the delays include lawsuits filed by pain clinics and inadequate funding set aside by the state for the database. Meanwhile, this article from the Orlando Sentinel reports that oxycodone was linked to 77 fatal overdoses in Broward and 68 in Palm Beach County during the first six months of this year. TCPlam reports that there are currently more than 300 pill mills in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Find more information on Florida’s struggle to implement a prescriptions monitoring system here.

Read about lenient laws toward fraudulent prescribing practices in Florida here.

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