Father, son share story of son’s opiate addiction

As this heartwrenching article highlights, heroin addiction often has its roots in OxyContin abuse. A father and son share the son’s story of opiate addiction, and talk about the Oxy-to-heroin phenomenon in Braintree, Mass. As Watchdog has previously reported, the state is currently in the throes of a severe OxyContin and heroin abuse epidemic.

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3 Responses to Father, son share story of son’s opiate addiction

  1. beyondtheendoftheroad says:

    Thanks for sharing the article.

  2. onemomtalking says:

    My son took this path to heroin addiction as well. Thanks for sharing the story.

  3. quimanning says:

    This is a moving story, and is increasingly relevant to my efforts to help those in need on addiction advice. My son also slipped into heroin depravity after having abused pain pills for years, we have an ever updating blog at http://www.journeyontheedge.worpress.com that chronicles our story; both it’s successes and failures. Please come check it out, we can all come together as long as we are supportive.

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